Wait, What Happened?!?!

Real life dating stories # 7 – George Costanza Etiquette

I was on a 1st date with this girl, that was going seemingly well. We met and the conversation and drinks were flowing.

As is occurs when drinking we were making some bathroom trips. I guess I didn’t notice the single person bathroom didn’t lock until the final visit when last night’s dinner reappeared.

For the sake of not getting even more of the shit sweats, I rip off my sweatshirt. In my haste, my T comes flying off as well. My main focus is speed and this seems to be efficient.

I get down to business. All of a sudden I hear the jingle of the door and it swings open. There stands Ms. 1st date, her gaze fixed on me, pants down around the ankles, shirtless and sweaty shitting.

The door slammed shut as fast as it swung open but the vision made an irreversibly impression. I half expected her not to still be at the table, unfortunately I was right.

About Claudia Cali

Claudia was born and raised in New York where she first learned to appreciate the many scenes found on a city street and the juxtaposition of nature and industry. Known to "be a tourist in her own backyard", and armed with her camera, Claudia's photography is unique and dynamic illustrating her ability to catch the beauty, and allure of daily life.
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