Wait, What Happened?!?

After dating around NYC for three years, being on and off single for almost a decade, and conversing with friends for even longer.I’ve come to realize that the dating world is hilarious (sometimes after much reflection) and to hear these mostly absurd, cringe worthy and laugh out loud moments helps us relate and realize we are not alone.

The coming segment is not just my stories, they are friends, friends of friends. They are not just written from the female voice, these are all encompassing actual dating senerios. 

Although there is no shortage, feel free to share yours and it might be posted anonymously. If you had a good laugh and care to share, email claudiascali@gmail.com 

About Claudia Cali

Claudia was born and raised in New York where she first learned to appreciate the many scenes found on a city street and the juxtaposition of nature and industry. Known to "be a tourist in her own backyard", and armed with her camera, Claudia's photography is unique and dynamic illustrating her ability to catch the beauty, and allure of daily life.
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