Bundle Up

Bundle Up

Jil Sander rope belt
$4,005 – matchesfashion.com

Fendi fur shawl
$3,025 – mytheresa.com

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Rockin Romantic

Rockin Romantic

Self portrait lace dress
$415 – italist.com

Chloé suede booties

Karl Lagerfeld handbag purse
$165 – stylebop.com

I+I hoop earrings
$540 – net-a-porter.com

Yves Saint Laurent belt

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Wait, What Happened?!?!

Real life dating stories # 7 – George Costanza Etiquette

I was on a 1st date with this girl, that was going seemingly well. We met and the conversation and drinks were flowing.

As is occurs when drinking we were making some bathroom trips. I guess I didn’t notice the single person bathroom didn’t lock until the final visit when last night’s dinner reappeared.

For the sake of not getting even more of the shit sweats, I rip off my sweatshirt. In my haste, my T comes flying off as well. My main focus is speed and this seems to be efficient.

I get down to business. All of a sudden I hear the jingle of the door and it swings open. There stands Ms. 1st date, her gaze fixed on me, pants down around the ankles, shirtless and sweaty shitting.

The door slammed shut as fast as it swung open but the vision made an irreversibly impression. I half expected her not to still be at the table, unfortunately I was right.

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Relationship Goals

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It’s always time for a disco party

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Wait,What Happened?!?!

Real life dating stories # 6 – stage 10 clinger

Who doesn’t love rooftops?!? So when invited to a rooftop party, I typically grab my girls and go. Unfortunately this Monday, no one was around to be my plus one. But it’s was an open bar that I could not miss out on. So I go, I cocktail and I mingle.

Amidst my liquor infused conversations I meet this guy, who seems to be engaging, interesting and a bit entertaining. Although he was not my typical type, I gave him a chance.

After a couple of hours of small talk (he didn’t leave my side 🤦🏻‍♀️) he asks me to grab a bite. I take up the offer since sobering up is probably the best idea for my inevitable Tuesday morning hangover.

We head to a place near by and grab some small bites. I knew I had to get out of there sooner then later so no expectations or feelings would be broken.

We pay the bill – in case you were wondering I split it (momma can buy her own food). I decided I had to bounce, I pretend call a cab so there would not be any awkward goodbyes hugs/going in for a smooch.

I stand corrected, I was not this lucky. As I excuse myself and say goodbye he tries to lay one on me. I detracted the situation by saying we were in the middle of a dining room but still the cheek dance occurred.

He asked me for my number and reluctantly I punched my digits in. As I was passing back his phone, I realized I accidentally was one digit off (I know that you are thinking, but it was actually an accident).

I thought I was in the clear but no he proceeds to take a selfie and FaceTime this number. I’ve never high tailed it out of a bar in heels before.

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A handsome man let’s out a large huff getting off the subway and I think “B, if you can’t handle a crowded subway then you can’t handle the ride of my life.”

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