It’s always time for a disco party

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Wait,What Happened?!?!

Real life dating stories # 6 – stage 10 clinger

Who doesn’t love rooftops?!? So when invited to a rooftop party, I typically grab my girls and go. Unfortunately this Monday, no one was around to be my plus one. But it’s was an open bar that I could not miss out on. So I go, I cocktail and I mingle.

Amidst my liquor infused conversations I meet this guy, who seems to be engaging, interesting and a bit entertaining. Although he was not my typical type, I gave him a chance.

After a couple of hours of small talk (he didn’t leave my side 🤦🏻‍♀️) he asks me to grab a bite. I take up the offer since sobering up is probably the best idea for my inevitable Tuesday morning hangover.

We head to a place near by and grab some small bites. I knew I had to get out of there sooner then later so no expectations or feelings would be broken.

We pay the bill – in case you were wondering I split it (momma can buy her own food). I decided I had to bounce, I pretend call a cab so there would not be any awkward goodbyes hugs/going in for a smooch.

I stand corrected, I was not this lucky. As I excuse myself and say goodbye he tries to lay one on me. I detracted the situation by saying we were in the middle of a dining room but still the cheek dance occurred.

He asked me for my number and reluctantly I punched my digits in. As I was passing back his phone, I realized I accidentally was one digit off (I know that you are thinking, but it was actually an accident).

I thought I was in the clear but no he proceeds to take a selfie and FaceTime this number. I’ve never high tailed it out of a bar in heels before.

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A handsome man let’s out a large huff getting off the subway and I think “B, if you can’t handle a crowded subway then you can’t handle the ride of my life.”

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Wait, What Happened?!?!

Real life dating stories # 5 – Spill the V Debunked

This eventful evening happened when I first arrived back after a relationship hiatus. Maybe I was more forgiving and had low expectations as a new arrival back on the scene but it wasn’t until looking back that I realized this was a bit off. We met in the neighborhood and had a couple of drinks, through conversation I found this guy really interesting, creative and he painted himself as successful. All of this I was about, so when he offered to have a night cap at his place (again newly arrived), I took him up on the offer. He mentioned through conversation that he got a new place. He was really excited about it, especially the decor and making it his home.

We go over, I will admit it was nice. White shag rug, white couch, fire place and wait for it ….bunk beds. So that should have been the first sign or I at least should have thought what is a man over 40 doing with bunk beds?!?!

We were making out on the new white couch on the new white rug drinking red wine. The bottle and glasses are on the coffee table, I placed my glass down out of caution. He then slips down my pants and gets on his knees. As he’s getting into position he kicks the coffee table, tips the red wine bottle and glasses over. All the contents spill all over the new white couch and the new white rug. I’ve never laughed so hard internally before.

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Everyday we hustle

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Wait, What Happened?!?!

Real life dating stories # 4 – FrostTips

It was a long week, so when my friends asked me to meet them out on a Friday I jumped at the opportunity. I work early, stayed late but rallied. We were at one of our usual boy haunts in Hell’s Kitchen. I was getting lit in the boy bar and ended up going home with this hottie with a beard. We both have beards, so I knew this might be interesting but never thought the below would happen. Once he was finished going to town on my backside, he came up for air. Then I realized he had some white flecks on his beard. It took me a second to realize it was TP. I tried to sneakily wipe it out while making out. This is the most caressing I’ve ever been with a hook up. Lessoned learned for this chap, even when not planning to hook up it’s always beneficially to be prepared.

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Lucky Charm

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